Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Homework- 12th Jan 2016 Tuesday
As Kye Xin is having a fever, I will be taking over her duty.
Date: 12/01/16
Name and index of person on Duty: Eleanor Chua (03)

Math: Read Math notes (given out today) pages 1-3 and try the questions (Due: 13/01/16)

MT: CL-Bring textbooks, activity book, chinese foolscap paper, purple folder (Due: 13/01/16)
             -Flashcards on Google classroom
       ML- Refer to Alya's post
IRS: As a group, identify an environmental issue that is applicable to Singapore. Aim to research on viable solutions to overcome a pressing problem. (Due: 18/01/16 23 59)
       As an individual, choose two or more articles or news reports related to your group's chosen topic. Bring to class during the next lesson.

ADMT:  1)Bring file and colour pencils. (Due:13/01/16)
               2)Visit ADMT classroom webpage to answer the questions on the worksheet/online. (Due: 13/01/16)
               3)Design a packaging for the new year food.The company is "Fortune". Refer to ADMT classroom for more info. (Due: Term1 Week4)

IE: Survey by Mr Hiap. (No due date stated)

Admin Matters: 1) Bring report book. (if not done)
                          2) Submit SDM form. (if not done)

There is NO S&W lesson tomorrow.
Sorry for the late post, see you all tomorrow.

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