Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Name and Index no. of person on duty: Eleanor (03)
Homework- 13/01/16

English- 1) The True Me Poem on Piktochart Due: 18/01/16
               2) Register for Piktochart, Blendpsace and Padlet if you had not done so. Due: Next lesson
               3) Submit Reading programme 19/01/16.
               4)Prepare a blue file and a SST A4 notebook which will be used as journal.  Due: Next lesson

Math- 1) Math assignment question 1&2. Due: 14/01/16
           2) Read notes (Chapter 2) Due: 14/01/16

MT- CL: 1)习字
               2) Chinese google form.      (Both are due tomorrow)
         ML: No homework.
         TL: Check with TL rep.

ADMT- 1) ADMT New Year project- Google Slides. Due: Next ADMT lesson.
              2) ADMT Design Packaging. Due: Term1Week4

Admin- 1) SDM Form.
              2) Report books.

Reminders: 1) IRS Project.
                   2) There is S&W lesson tomorrow. Please report in S&W attire.
                   3) Please change your faulty design uniforms tomorrow.
                   4) There is photo taking on Friday.

Good day guys! See you all tomorrow :)


  1. Where are the words for 习字, instructions for HCL google forms, is the math questions in some worksheet?
    Or just simply, where are all the stuff found?


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