Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Homework (Wednesday, 20 January 2016)

Chua Rui Ming (8)
Homework - 20 January 2016

1. The Loaded Dog worksheet (Due next Monday)
2. The Copy worksheet (Due next Monday)
3. Complete the worksheet for The Pedestrian.

1. Upload the presentation slide onto the Google Classroom for Sports and Wellness.

1. Go to the Google Site, under Chemistry, Classes of Materials, there will be a short quiz for you to complete.

1. Finish the whole of unit 1.1 (Due tomorrow)
2. Go to the Math Google Classroom and download GeoGebra on your LD.

1. Do the 80 word summary on what you can infer about Singapore's past from the three sources. (Due Friday)

1. Using Google Scholar, search about the topic you were given. Then, make a summary for it.

1. Change your SDM password. Your email address is your SST official email address while the password and ID used during login is your NRIC number (in caps)
2. Sign the form for the Withdrawal of Pupil Edusave Fund for Enrichment Programmes 2016.

1. There is S&W tomorrow, please come to school in the S&W attire and change to your School Uniform during break time.
2. The people on duty tomorrow are: Ethan (9) - Updating the Class Homework Blog.
                                                           Jing An (23) - Erase whiteboard, change date, and write
                                                                                   absentees. Tell teacher when there is 5 minutes
                                                          Anieyrudh (19) and Russell (20) - Turn of all all electronics, and                                                                                                                                                                                       clean up classroom.

Thank you,
Chua Rui Ming
20 January 2016

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