Friday, February 26, 2016

HOMEWORK 26/02/16

Person on Duty:Eleanor (03)
Sorry for posting so late because something happened at home.

Homework for today:

-Finish up composition and hand in on Monday.

-CL: Finish composition corrections and hand in to google classroom.

-Past year revision papers (Due Monday)
-Percentage worksheet (Due Monday)

-Atomic Structure worksheet (If you have not done it)
-Revision worksheets (Due Monday)

-Complete hypothesis for your topic (If you have not done it)

-Trailers and music videos (If you have not done it)

-I&E Journal (in your google drive)

-There is ADMT SSP on Tuesday if you need it.
-CJC is still ongoing so please make amends to your device and pitch if needed.
-Bring Animal Farm book and worksheet next Monday.
-Report in school uniform to classroom on Monday.

Exam Schedule:
Monday- MT (Bring along 4 sheets of writing paper and your e-dictionary for CL pupils)
Tuesday- Language Arts
Wednesday- IH (Refer to google classroom for more info of what is tested)
Thursday- Science (Tested topics are the first 5 topics. Check you email from Ms Teo for more info)
Friday- Math (refer to googlesites of Math to find out what topics are tested)

Check Student google site for more info as most of the information is there.

Next person on duty: Devika (04)
Have a great weekend!

"Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat." -Fitzgerald
All the best for level test! 

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