Thursday, February 25, 2016

Name of person on duty: Bong Kye Xin(2)
Hello guys, I'm sorry for the late post as I had tuition right after school and had no time to post it until now.


- 2015 paper: mark it yourself (Due: Monday, 29/2)

- Personal recount writing practice on google docs (Due: Friday, 26/2)
- Bring Animal Farm workbook (Monday, 29/2)
- Start reading Animal Farm

- Atomic structure worksheet 1 (Due: Monday, 29/2)
- Revision paper (Due: Monday, 29/2)

HMT(Higher Chinese):
- 情境作文-练习 (Due: Friday, 26/2)

- Pitch(for those who need to correct it)
- Device(for those who haven't done it yet)

- Finish your IMovie trailer and the school song music video (Due: Tuesday, 1/3)

Next person on duty: Eleanor(3)

Have a nice day ahead!

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