Monday, February 1, 2016

Today's Homework!-1st February

(I am posting this because Linus has not posted and there may still be a possibility that he is unable to post)

Name of person on duty: Mikail 16

English: Finish the style chart and Loaded Dog if you didn't pass it up today

Math: Assignment 2.2 (Due tomorrow) Also, do the challenging math worksheet

Science: Finish science notes by tomorrow

IH: Think about the 2 questions

Others: Bring your CCA option form if you forgot it today

Thank you, that will be all. If there is any other homework please comment it below:)


  1. The challenging questions for math is optional, but you can still do if you want.

  2. For Chinese students, do as much of the composition as possible, so as to not pile it up for it to be done tomorrow as there might be a lot of homework tomorrow.

  3. And the Chinese composition is to be handed up on Wednesday


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