Friday, August 12, 2016

Homework 12 August 2016

Person on duty: Kye Xin(I'll be taking over devika today 'cos she's not home yet)
Next person on duty: Devika

1. Assignment 10.4 and 10.5
2. Finish Unit 10 notes(refer to online copy)
3. Finish basic geometry Assignment 1 & 2

Higher Chinese:
1. Do the practice worksheet on Pokemon Go

Normal Tamil:
1. Finish worksheet

1. Math: Bring compass, protractor, and ruler next week
2. SnW: for those who didn't fill up the heart rate google sheets
3. ADMT: The infographics is due today, 2359.
4. English: Group literature review is due this Sunday, 2359.
5. Geography: Finish the Chapter 2 revision worksheet by Monday if its not done.
6. IE Lesson Swop:
Tuesday, 16 Aug: 11.00-12.00pm is Science.
Wednesday, 17 Aug: 12.20-1.20pm is IE

Do put in the comment box any homework I've missed out! Have a nice weekend!:)

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