Saturday, August 20, 2016

Homework - 19 August, Friday

19 August
On Duty: Rui Ming (08)
Next Person On Duty: Ethan (09)

- Do the animation thingy, refer to google classroom for the slides and the information to put into the animated infographic.

- Do Incident Report video and the presentation slides

Higher Chinese
- Do voice recording of the 2 Oral practices. Submit in Google Classroom.

- Bisector Worksheet
- Finish Math notes till page 6
- Start working on AA website (need photos, sketch up model of the bridge, and presentation slides if possible)

- Do Habits of Mind worksheet, presenting in 2 weeks

- No S&W next Tuesday, wear uniform.
- Chinese EOY Oral Examination next Wed (24 Aug) (Index 2 to 9 report to S402. Index 10 to 25 go to S401. Report time: 2.30pm)
- Math crushing of bridges will be held next week.
Yay exam is over, time to relax... Okay time for relaxation is over, time to study for common test. Good luck for common test guys!

If I left any homework out, put in in the comments. Thanks!

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