Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Homework, 31st August

On duty: Mikail (16)
Next: Hady (17)

English: Special package
Math: Special present
Science: Special prize
ADMT: Storyboard and video
Tamil: Compo and email

Be reminded that tomorrow is Be Yourself day! Refer to Student's Blog =)

Please inform me should there be any discrepancies, please comment below. So much homework! Have a work-filled holiday! Here is an accurate representation of everyone's feelings!


  1. Please be reminded that there is a practise paper for all three sciences and bring a carrier bag tomorrow as Ms Teo will give out Biology file

  2. There is also Malay homework.
    The worksheet given out and read the magazines as Cikgu will make us write a summary when school reopens.
    Sorry for not putting on a separate post.


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